Violet Hamden


A brand new adventure, a brand new watch brand. And the one we joined on their journey since its start in 2016, and which is still ongoing. When Violet Hamden asked us to create the complete branding, we were more than happy to work on this huge project. With just a design for the watch and the name to go on, we created the entire story, logo design, packaging design, product design of the special Violet Hamden bracelet, and produced, styled and photographed a studio shoot and a special campaign shoot on the island of Ibiza. Since the launch we have been responsible for all images, copywriting and social media accounts.

With Violet Hamden we aim to appeal to women who are conscious about the way they live. There is more than glimpse on your watch to notice time. It’s about becoming more mindful of what you are doing that moment. There are many brands of watches out there and we attempt to make a little difference in order to complete the experience, with a packaging that is so much more. With every watch comes a special bracelet we have designed, a journal for taking notes, writing down memories, thoughts and dreams. And the deep blue box becomes a time capsule when you remove the inlay.

Campaign video in collab with Joshua and Gideon from PIT.

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